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"Dr. Duke is great! I am so happy I finally decided to receive chiropractic care for the pain I was experiencing. I've been getting adjustments and feel so much better every time I leave! Nancy at the front desk is absolutely lovely and very helpful! Highly recommend Duke Family Chiropractic." - Nikki

"I've been coming to Duke Chiropractic for over a year since turning 50 (ugh!)... I was experiencing quite a bit of lower back pain exacerbated by my constant sitting at work (airline pilot for the past 25 years). My pain is now gone, WooHoo!, and my posture overall has noticeably improved. Everyone at Duke is GREAT! Nancy at the front desk is always friendly and accomodating with my crazy schedule, and both Dr. Duke and Dr. John are always attentive to my back issues, offering spot-on adjustments helping me remain pain-free at work and on the golf course. I can't imagine Duke Chiropractic not being part of my health routine & highly recommend them to anyone on the Seacoast!" - Justyna

"I started going to see Dr. Duke, and his staff, a few months back for seizures and migraines. I lost my son 18 months ago, and have been dealing with anxiety and depression. This is my first time going someplace where I feel 100% welcome and part of a family. Dr. John joined the practice recently, and his dedication, humor, sensitivity, and empathy to his patients is beyond amazing. I have grown so much emotionally and my seizures have decreased by almost 75%. I have more energy, less migraines, and just feel better overall! I would highly recommend Dr. Duke and Dr. John!" - Vicki

August 2019 

I originally met Mariette during a free health check I was giving at Planet Fitness. I offered to check her posture and explained to her that any abnormalities may indicate a subluxation in her spine, which could lead to pain and different types of health problems. Mariette is an aqua aerobics instructor and is very active, but has been suffering from hip pain. She was very interested in how we could help her, and decided to schedule her first appointment a few days later. Now, after three months of regular chiropractic care, Mariette’s hip pain and intensity has subsided considerably. It doesn’t occur as often, even with prolonged sitting. She has gained about 15 more degrees in her range of motion assessments, and her posture has also improved. She is more aware of how she carries herself throughout the day. Mariette’s goal is to progress into the maintenance phase of her care. She credits her success to her regular adjustments, and doing her fulcrum exercises everyday. Go Mariette!

Kay has been coming to Dr. Duke since May 2019. The pain in her left hip originally was a 9/10 on the 1-10 pain scale, and she said that she could walk but it “really bothered” her. Before coming to our office, Kay tried PT. Since Kay began treatment, the pain through her groin area improved. When she first came in, her “neck was the worst pain.” It was originally very stiff, but it's not as bad anymore. Kay’s neck improved the first day of treatment. “Dr. Ken fixed it,” she said. Kay originally heard of our office at her hairdresser’s in Newington, Lord & Ladies. Her hairdresser had a customer that had been coming here for a while. Thanks Kay!

July 2019

Corrine has been a patient at Duke Family Chiropractic since May. Originally, she suffered from constant pain and wasn't able to get a restful night's sleep. This impacted her ability to work on her farm, which is one thing she holds dear to her. She needs plenty of energy to chase her sheep, horses, and dogs around! Fortunately after staying on track with her adjustments, Corrine has finally been able to sleep well and has more energy. She can't speak highly enough of chiropractic and we are so happy we have been able to help her. Thanks Corrine!

Alex has been seeing Dr. Duke since April. She works right down the street at Tractor supply, and originally came in for her neck and back pain. She has been in a wheelchair, so her mobility has been limited. Since coming to Dr. Duke, Alex has had less neck pain, more mobility, and has become more aware of her body mechanics. She’s also recently stopped her pain medication and has been using her wheelchair less. Go Alex!

Eric has been seeing Dr. Duke since 2017. After spending years in the marines and army, paired with quite a bit of traveling, Eric suffered from lower back pain and muscle spasms. He had to exert himself twice as hard just to perform his daily activities and exercises. Since coming to Dr. Duke, Eric has become much more mobile, and he really enjoys his workouts. After just one adjustment, he felt like he could keep running after he would normally stop. We appreciate you Eric and love how you have progressed

Dr Duke is a wonderful Chiropractor, the office is relaxing and the staff is kind and welcoming. Generally new patients set up three weekly appointments for spinal adjustments, which includes warm-up stretches on a wobble chair and relaxing breathing exercises after adjustment. I have been going to Dr Duke for three months and I already notice an improvement in my posture, as well as a decrease in chronic back pain.

Before moving to the seacoast I had seen three other great Chiropractors in the past 15 years. Though I was pleased with my previous Chiropractors, Dr Duke quickly became my favorite one. This is because of his knowledge and personality; I appreciate how thoroughly all of my questions are answered, as I'm a curious individual who wants to know how and why things work. Dr Duke is also the first and only chiropractor who is able to adjust my back without it hurting, making my adjustments relaxing and enjoyable (I have chronic pain which includes moderate sensitivity to touch). I leave every appointment feeling better, and knowing a little more about chiropractic health and care.

Jenni - May 2018

A month ago I woke up and struggled to get out of my bed due to some pretty intense back pain. It apparently sprung out of nowhere, as I had gone to bed the night before fine. I tried a few things such as message, foam rolling, stretching and light workouts. Working out helped, but nothing was improving the pain. I have been working with Duke Family Chiropractic on and off for the past few years and knew it was time to go see them again. I want to give a huge shout out and Thank you to Dr. Duke Lovetere and Dr. Craig for getting me back in alignment and completely pain free! These guys are awesome and really know the body well. It's great to be able to communicate trouble areas and have them work there magic. Gotta give the front desk ladies some love as well! I walked out of my adjustment with 3 new book recommendations. Highly recommend checking them out!

Sean - April 2018

Hi I have been going to Dr. Duke now for about three months and he has help me out tremendously,I am up there in age and have had problems with my back and my neck for quite some time and quite a bit of pain but I truthfully have to say that now I don’t feel hardly any pain at all . I must say going to Dr. Duke was one of the best things I have ever done.

Thank you so much Dr. Duke

Linda - April 2018

I started seeking treatment at Duke Family Chiropractic for Vertigo which was causing me headaches and unsteady walking making me very nervous to leave my house for 3 years. I was searching the internet for natural solutions and found that Dr. Duke specialized in dealing with Vertigo cases. Although his office is an hour and a half away from where I live, I was desperate and began seeking regular treatment. I am amazed at my results, I have absolutely no headaches! The office is welcoming, professional, and the staff are wonderful!

Gayle - March 2018

I hurt my back last year, and had surgery to remove the protruding portions of my herniated disc. Since the surgery, I have had an ongoing pulling down the back of my leg...not painful (except for the times when I pushed things too much), but persistent and annoying.
I decided to see a chiropractor, to see if I could get my back in better alignment, and hopefully prevent any future injuries. Turns out, I had lost most of the natural curve in my neck, which has an effect on the entire spine from the top down. 
I have been going to Dr. Duke at 
Duke Family Chiropractic for 6 weeks, and had my first set of follow-up X-rays. My neck curve has improved to 23% (I started with a 12% curve...the normal neck curve is around 36%). In only 6 weeks! To say I am happy is an understatement! And even more pulling down my leg. 

Marcia - October 2017

As a fitness instructor/boutique studio owner and multi-sport athlete, keeping my spine healthy is extremely important. Dr. Duke is very skilled at working around existing anatomical issues and prescribes a treatment protocol that is not only safe, but effective. He's approachable and really does care about his patients. The staff is great and billing is straightforward. I love that I can grab EPIC and GUTSEY bars, which are a clean food staple for anyone who cares about nutrition. It's great to be able to get a quick chair massage too. My favorite part of the practice is the flexible appointment hours and walk-in adjusting hours. If you've never tried chiropractic care, definitely give Dr. Duke a call.

Kat - July 2017

The entire experience at Duke Family Chiropractic is awesome. I have been seeing the professionals at Duke for a year. An added benefit is the massages offered by Nate Waterman. You may not think you need their services but trust me you'll feel better if the Duke Family is in your life. You should become part of the Duke family. I have and the benefits are incredible.

Gregg - June 2017

I can't believe how much Chiropractic has changed my life! I've gone my whole life with asthma, allergies, and achy pains in all my joints and back, and as an athlete, that isn't the best thing to have to deal with! I workout 6-7 days a week and lift heavy and getting adjusted definitely helps me stay strong and out of pain! The biggest thing I've noticed about my care is that my allergies are gone and my asthma hasn't flared up since! Along with all Dr. Duke's great advice and health tips, I have NEVER felt healthier! I would definitely recommend chiropractic to everyone!

Jackie- 2015

I started seeing Dr. Duke 4 months ago. I have RA which leaves me with chronic inflammation. From my first visit I knew I was in the right place. I was very impressed with how professional yet friendly Dr. Dukes facility is. His office staff are charming and helpful. My over all health has dramatically improved and my inflammation is no longer chronic. I look forward to my adjustments and the caring, positive atmosphere they provide at every visit. If your dealing with a health issue I highly recommend giving Dr. Duke a chance to better health. He's so much more than just a Chiropractic business.

Marcia- April 2015

These guys are in it to help people improve their quality of life which is facilitated by meticulous attention to you and your specific needs. Marcus called me after my first appointment to see how I was feeling. Um...that doesn't happen ever and made me feel assured that they truly care about improving quality of life. Not only that but the receptionists are the sweetest and most outgoing I have ever met that actually know, what it seems, as much as the doctors. Many kudos to this fine chiropractor as their mission resonates in every aspect of their business. Thank you for helping me relieve my daily pain and make a healthier,happier person.

Mike- November 2014


I ended up at Duke Family Chiropractic Care after thirteen months of severe back/side pain. I saw many specialists finding no relief other than with the help of drugs. Several people suggested I contact Dr.Duke. I was given an immediate appointment. After several treatments I noticed small but steady improvements. Less pain allowed me to sleep. More rest gave me the energy to get through the day in more comfort. I was able to stop taking all meds! I think back to the woman in so much discomfort it showed on my face, it was in my voice. I couldn't do anything without help. Now I have the freedom to live and more more fluently. Now I have the freedom to enjoy living. Chiropractic Care is enabling me to plan for a future- not just exist. 

Bev. April 2014

Chiropractic has changed my life.  An injury in high school left me in poor condition.  After visits to MDs (the usual drugs, cortisone, pills), and then physical therapy my condition had not changed.  Last resort, my visit to the chiropractor.  After several treatments, my pain was gone.  This was great.  However, this chiropractor simply got me out of pain.  When I asked him if he  could do anything to help my allergies, sinus headaches, frequent colds and digestive problems, he gave me some supplements.  Unfortunately, the supplements plus numerous visits to other chiropractors only patched me up.

The care plan at Duke Family Chiropractic is set up to return health to an optimum and keep it that way. My spine and health are now "near perfect" and I intend on keeping and maintaining it that way for life. There are countless others out there suffering and they need help.  Please let them know. God Bless. 

-Dr. Duke

"Hi, my name is Franco I am a 2 time Mr. World Fitness title holder. Fitness and health is my life and my profession. Like many top athletes, regular chiropractic adjustments are an important part of my fitness and wellness routine. Chiropractic is truly one of the greatest keys for optimal health, well being and peak performance.

"Dr. J. Duke Lovetere or Dr. Duke, as he is known, will help you to get well on your way to optimal health and better quality of life. Five years ago I was in a "near fatal" car accident. Through Dr. Duke's adjustments and under his expert guidance, I was able to recover and continue my career. I am proud to say that Dr. Duke is my personal chiropractor and health coach. He can also be yours."


I never realized how important my spine is until I met Dr. Duke.  I suffered from low back pain and migraine headaches.  Before seeing Dr. Duke, I went to my family medical Dr. and he explained to me that subluxation was a problem that I would have for "the rest of my life."  After just three months of chiropractic care my headaches and low back pain subsided.  I feel great!  I have a lot more energy and a better attitude towards taking care of my body.    I would recommend Dr. Duke and chiropractic to anyone who wants to have a better sense of living well and feeling great! 

-D.S. in Connecticut, three hours away and worth the trip!

As an advertising professional I understand the value of testimonials. I believe you better have a really good experience in order to put your name on a testimonial. Too many people claim health, wealth and happiness just to author a testament to their success. Most are looking for their fifteen minutes. I'm not. That said, here is my story.

I'm a 44 year old semi-athletic male. That is I like to exercise and be active but I tended to forget I am on the other side of twenty by fourteen years. Like most guys my age I have had my assortment of bumps and bruises. I have had something else that could stop me dead in my tracks and render me into a testy, hunched over cripple. Back problems. There were days I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs, never mind run a 5K. I was a snappy miserable person when my back acted up.  I tried it all; Physical Therapy, pain killers anti-inflammatory medications, even Chiropractic and nothing made my back or my mood better. I once went to another "Back Doc" and was treated like I was just another number. My weekly treatment consisted of ten minutes of chit chat followed by three minutes of snapping my bones. It was so bad I was putting Advil on my ice cream, like candy even with treatment.  I must admit I looked at Chiropractic as Voodoo medicine. It seemed like the medical version of MLM. Just keep you coming back and tell you you're getting better. Well my back issues were getting worse and I went looking for relief. I even considered surgery.

This past October I gave Dr. Duke a try. I had heard good things about his practice and given my condition, I was ready to give him a shot. I noticed the difference the very day I called the office. When I called I got the answering machine. Not one hour later I received a call from Krista who promptly and very professionally scheduled me in for the next morning. See if you get that kind of service from your regular MD. Upon entering the office I was greeted and plugged into the system. Never once did I feel rushed or second class.

My meeting with Dr. Duke was educational. He explained, after reviewing my X-Rays that I had Subluxation of my spine and if he accepted my case I would have to commit to a long process in order to get better. I thought oh great some neat term to separate me from my money. So I pushed back and fired off some tough questions about Chiropractic and why the lengthy timeline. To his credit Dr. Duke never wavered or got defensive. He presented me, in complete detail, how time and genetics have caused my problems, showing me X-Rays of "healthy" spines and how there are various stages of degeneration. He pointed out where I was in that process.  He discussed quite clearly how my problems were bad, but not un-repairable. Let's be honest I'm a skeptic, I see baloney in almost everything, but something in Dr. Duke's delivery made me trust my "Subluxation" to him.

It's been seven months and I am back running (Sorry Doc) and exercising 3-5 days per week as my schedule allows. My back still reminds me when I am doing too much, but my flexibility and posture has improved noticeably. Oh yeah I no longer sprinkle Advil on my ice cream.  I thank everyone at Duke Family Chiropractic, my family is grateful too.

-Thomas G

I came to Dr. Duke because a previous chiropractor failed to provide me with the corrective chiropractic care I needed.  I have one hip higher than the other due to slight scoliasis.  I also lack the normal healthy curve in  my neck.  Although my subluxations do not cause me pain, they are something I wanted to fix.  Because of my prior chiropractic experience, I was skeptical at the beginning and only planned on getting a few adjustments.  However, after a few adjustments, or three months or so, I noticed an increase in energy and a more positive attitude.  Dr. Duke has been honest from the start of my chiropractic care about what is possible to correct and what might not be. He truly cares about his patients' health.  While on vacation in April, 1999, I visited Dr. Duke and attended a Tuesday Wellness Workshop.  Since I had never been to a chiropractor before, I was a little nervous knowing that I was about to receive my first exam and adjustment.  But, after reading all the educational material in Dr. Duke's office and listening to the Wellness Workshop, I was ready!   At that time, I felt my mind-body was out of synch.  So, Dr. Duke recommended an x-ray (subluxations showed up, of course), and he proceeded to adjust me.  The very next morning, I had a mind-body experience that I had not had in a long time (that is, not since I was horseback riding on a regular basis about a year ago) -my mind told my body to stretch right when I awoke, in the bed, and it was as if my body was rearranging itself or putting itself back "in order."  I experienced this for a week after seeing Dr. Duke and still do from time to time, although I live in Maryland and haven't had the opportunity to go back to Dr. Duke for another adjustment.  But I will in the future! 


Mom asks son, upon returning home from work: "How was your day?" Son replies:  "It was GREAT!! We got to have ice cream, We got a surprise at the store AND We got to go to Dr. Duke's!!"--Thomas, age 5 Say No More!

"Once upon a time there was a horrible Ogre… not made horrible by nature but through pain. This pain kept the Ogre from working and exercising and isolated from the fun of friends and family. He grew sad and fat and ill tempered. But the day came, when this stooped over Ogre decided something had to be done about this horrible condition, this horrible pain and the Ogre sought out the help of the powerful healer…Dr. Duke. Under the care of the good doctor, the Ogre was told his pain was not caused by some ancient evil curse or enchanted magic, but by subluxation, an unhealthy twist of the spine, Through education, adjustment and exercise, the Ogre found himself entering a new life… pain subsided, but that was only the beginning. The Ogre found new pleasure in work and in play. A new confidence sprung up and could be seen by all. Dr. Duke and his staff had done more that just help to heal a horrible Ogre, they had helped him rediscover himself, return to the Prince the Ogre once was.

"Happily ever after…is just the beginning"


"Yes they do happen. When one finds oneself being pushed to do something and you had no intention to do it, like stepping on Dr. Duke's scales at a road race. I was healthy, or so I thought but was pushed into this (God)… After 3 months of having subluxation corrected I no longer have carpel tunnel and a painful neck. Once again I can quilt for hours and have no pain. Quilting is my passion along with sports - and again I am pain free in my many sports activities.

"Now, I was on an anti-depressant, never dreamed that correcting these subluxations I could get off that pill and be happy, no side effects either!

And another surprise, after 70 years of being constipated I am no longer. Wow, that's a big miracle. My eyesight has improved also. And to think I never considered these problems correctible. I can hardly wait til spring and golf season, that's my other passion.

-Ellen B.

"I have recently had the absolute joy of finding out what a health spine could be like. There was no one moment in my life that I could say contributed to my spines poor health. If it were that easy perhaps more of us would seek out care from Dr. Duke a lot sooner. No, my poor spinal state was a culmination of years of abuse! I did competition cheering in high school and ended up on the bad end of a stunt. This involved a foot crashing down into the middle of my back. Years later I was in a really bad car accident and was very fortunate to walk away from it.

Unfortunately, my back didn't walk away so well. The biggest contributor to my poor state however was my weight. I had always struggled with it but by 28 it reached an all time outrageous high, 303 pounds. My back ached constantly from the burden, interrupted only by moments of sharper hotter pain. Although my back bothered me I just figured it was because of my excessive weight and that's what life would have to be like this heavy. I slowly dropped 145 pounds and started feeling much better. EXCEPT… the back and neck pain did not go away. I was astonished that I still had this pain. I was so convinced that it was from the excess weight that I couldn't believe that it was still hurting me. I was having headaches daily. Not just a twinge of pain but full-blown migraines. One of these ended me up in the ER. They wanted to do a spinal tap to be sure that my brain wasn't hemorrhaging! Talk about scary. My brain wasn't hemorrhaging it was begging me to take it to Dr. Duke. The other life altering part of having an unhealthy spine was my neck. I travel anywhere from three to six hours a day for my job. I would get home at night and it would feel like I had a neck brace on. The pain and tightness were almost indescribable. I was eating Tylenol® like it was candy, sometimes four or five doses a day! So, are you ready for the REALLY happy part of this story? That is when Dr. Duke and chiropractic entered my life. My husband knew Dr. Duke from the health club that he used to work at. Hating to see me in so much pain he recommended I start seeing Dr. Duke.

I am not sure why, certainly not because I liked this pain but I didn't go. One Saturday as my spinal fortune would have it we saw Dr. Duke at his booth in the mall. He was very nice and so knowledgeable. He put me on some scales that scientifically told me what the pain had been saying. I had a sick spine. I have been continuing care with Dr. Duke since. Now, three months later I sit here typing this pain free. My nick is completely mobile and my low back does not ache. I cannot even recall the last time I took a Tylenol®. It used to be a standard on the grocery list now there is none in the house. I am able to drive six hours for work pain free. For those of you on the road with me you will be relieved to know that I can now look over my shoulder to change lanes. I enjoy yoga, weight training, running and LIFE all pain free. Something funny that chiropractic has done is make my pants fit better. I always used to thing that my pants just fit me weird. I was always twisting them back into place. Well since I have had a healthy spine oddly enough designers have started making clothes that stay in place. Come to find out my hips being out of alignment was the real issue! In closing, I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Duke. At this point I would shout it from the rooftops! It is so pleasant to go to his office. Dr. Duke, Krista and Nancy make it feel like a visit with friends rather than the dread of the doctor's office. I have felt informed and involved in every step of the way. I have always been a positive person but I didn't realize how much the pain was robbing from my life. Dr. Duke and chiropractic care has given that back to me. The biggest gift is that someday I will be the kind of mom I have always dreamt of being. That is one that can be active with my children. Not only enjoying activities but chasing them around laughing, giggling, happy and PAIN FREE!!! There are not words to describe my gratitude. Thank you Dr. Duke from the bottom of my heart…

-Jennifer R

I give up. I've been to doctors who wanted to know where my wheel chair was, Doctors who gave me cortizone shots that only work for 2 weeks and then the back pain returned. Next they told me surgery was my last option but I needed to be worse than I am now. I was in so much pain I couldn't enjoy my family. My wife was very supportive and understanding but it still took a toll on my marriage. I was unable to go and do things I use to do with my wife and kids.

Then I saw Dr. Duke at the mall and just by looking at him I knew he was honest. Dr. Duke explained to me that I had several areas of subluxation in my spine and as the subluxations are corrected my body would start to heal. The first two weeks I didn't feel much change then I noticed I could smell better, my feet felt warmer and my mental attitude improved. I finally felt that something was going to work. After 6 weeks there was a big improvement. I could tie my shoes! I had more energy, flexibility and my whole out-look was upbeat. I stopped taking oxycontin, I didn't need it any more. I've noticed the smallest things and so have other people, my complexion looks better, my eyes are clear, I sit straight up in car and stand and move easier.

For the last 20 years I've suffered with migraines that would cause me to go blind and be in bed for days. Since seeing Dr. Duke I haven't needed to take my migraine medication. I don't even use my inhaler as much and now I can taste my food again, it use to taste like cardboard. On a scale of 1 - 10 I'm a 10 compared to what I was before I started with Dr. Duke but I have another 10 to go.

I owe my life to Dr. Duke. He makes me feel like I'm a member of his family not just a patient. Without him I don't know what I would have done. He saved my life!

-Morris D.

July 23, 2007

I first became interested in Chiropractic care when I went to Wal-Mart and was invited in for a free screening. Little did I know that day how much my life would change.

I always had back pain and was told by my primary care physician that it was because of my weight. Well, OK. I knew I needed to lose weight. So, I did. The pain was still there. I couldn't stand for long or even sit for long without back pain.

Now, 4 months later I am so much better. I can sit at work and stand to do dishes and walk with the grandkids and kneel at church. I am so glad to have met Dr. Duke and his staff. The staff are helpful, kind, respectful and considerate.

In addition, what I like about Dr. Duke is that he is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the body and health. He prints up articles that are so important to one's overall health. There IS a way to be healthy and pain free without loads of medications. This way is called Dr. Duke!

-C. Miller

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  • "Look what our friends on Facebook have been saying about us!

    "First chiropractic experience and they're AWESOME, after three sessions able to run and not be in pain afterwards. Absolutely worth it!"

    "Super friendly and helpful! I went in for some back pain and Dr. Duke and the team have been working very hard to sort me out! I would recommend their services to anyone!"

    "Duke family chiropractic is excellent. The staff there are super friendly and make you feel welcome. I've been going three months now, twice a week to get adjusted. My back and neck feel a whole lot better and pain free. I would recommend them to anyone who going through any pain."

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    John Doe / Greenland, NH

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